Scandal-hit MP blames NPP for woes over SHS girl

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Crime
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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Afram Plains South, Joseph Appiah Boateng, has vehemently denied beating David Oberko into a coma over a Senior High School (SHS) girl lover.

He told listeners of various local FM stations in Accra that such an incident never happened, and, therefore, accused the Women’s Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Akua Ntoma, Yaw Adjei, a serial caller, and the police, of concocting such a story to tarnish his image.

His response was in connection to a publication carried in Tuesday’s edition of The Chronicle , headlined ‘MP beats rival into coma’.

But, in a sharp rebuttal, Jennifer Akyewa, who the MP was fighting over, told listeners that the law maker, indeed, committed the act, and it took the intervention of Oberko’s brothers to save his life by taking him to the hospital.

Mr. Boateng had on Sunday refused to answer his calls when The Chronicle tried reaching him to respond to an allegation leveled against him. A text message sent to him to ascertain whether he physically assaulted David Oberko was also not replied to.

Mr. Boateng’s denial

But, on the various electronic media, the Afram Plains South legislator said he had never fought with anybody before, let alone, beating David Oberko into a coma.

According to him, he was on his way home when he came across Jennifer and Oberko debating on an issue.

‘So I approached them, and got to know that they were arguing over a mobile phone. I asked the girl what the matter was, and she told me the boy had collected her mobile phone. I took the phone from the boy and handed it over to the girl, after which I walked to my car and drove home,’ he narrated.

He said he left Tease on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, to Accra, ‘only to hear that I have beaten somebody unconsciousness.’

Continuing, the Afram Plains South law maker said he later sent somebody to go and verify from the clinic whether what he had heard was true.

On return, the messenger told him that the nurse informed him that Oberko came to the clinic with a complaint that somebody hit his head against a wall, and was treated by the rubbing of ointment on the affected part, and was also given some pain-killers to take before he was discharged.

According to him, as he was not convinced with what the messenger had told him, he sent the area Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr.  Amankwa, to verify whether the report he had received from the messenger was nothing, but the truth.

He said Mr. Amankwa confirmed the news, but added that when he got to the clinic, he met Oberko in the company of the NPP serial caller, who was in a heated argument with the nurse, insisting that she write a medical report admitting that the boy (Oberko) was brought to the clinic unconscious.

He said the nurse declined and insisted on doing the right thing, since she was not a politician, and alleged that Yaw Adjei threatened to take the matter on air, because he had already spoken to the Divisional Police Commander, Rose Bio Atinga’s driver, Hot FM and Adom FM.

‘So, I was there when the Deputy Regional Police Commander called me and told me that a case involving me has come to his desk, and I asked him why, because I thought if nothing at all, the Divisional Police Commander should have invited me to write my statement?’ he quizzed.

He said while interacting with the Police Commander, the Eastern Regional Minister called him to narrate what happened to him during his visit to Tease, to which he obliged.

Mr. Boateng said after narrating his story to the Eastern Regional Minister, she invited him to her office to enable her accompany him to write his statement at the Regional Police Station.

‘I went to her office, and she called the Regional Police Commander, who also turned up for the meeting. I narrated my side of the story, and the Police Commander called the girl to narrate hers. So, we had two different statements, and the minister insisted on having [an] interest in the case, because she suspected somebody was trying to play mischief,’ he noted.

He added; ‘I have never set my eyes on the girl before. I am a politician, and, therefore, have some people who are against me. The NPP Women Organiser, Akua Ntoma, and Yaw Adjei, an NPP serial caller from Maame Krobo, concocted the story,’ he alleged.

He said because the nurse did not honour the request of Yaw Adjei, so he took the boy to the Police Station to collect a different Police Medical Form, which they took to a hospital at Donkorkrom for it to be signed, arguing that ‘the whole scenario is like a dream to me.’

Mr. Boateng said he had never met the girl prior to their encounter on the evening of June 4, the date of the said incident, neither had he proposed love to her. He said he did not even have the contact number of the SHS Two student, let alone know her name.

‘It’s a calculated attempt to tarnish my image,’ he averred, and accused the police of forcing the nurse to write a false medical report to indicate that when the boy was brought to the hospital, he was in an unconscious state.

Jennifer Akyewa’s story
However, Jennifer Akyewa, in an interview with The Chronicle , said the MP committed the act of beating David Oberko into a coma.

According to her, she was on her way home on the evening of June 4, 2013, when one Aguaye suddenly held her hand to accompany her to where she was going. While they were walking, Aguaye was making a call, when they met the MP on the way.

She later met Joseph Appiah Boateng, and said, ‘The MP asked me whether I have a mobile phone and that he would travel to Accra the following day, and was wondering how he could get in touch with me. So he took my phone, and while saving his number on it, a call came through, but he cut the line,’ Akyewa argued.

According to the second-year SHS student, while chatting with the MP, her boyfriend, David Oberko, approached them and called her, but she asked him to go home and wait for her.

She said moments after Oberko had left, she followed him to the house, and he demanded she delete his number from her mobile phone.

Akyewa opined that in the course of arguing and struggling with her boyfriend, the MP surfaced from nowhere, and asked her why she was dating such a ‘stupid boy.’

‘When he came there, Oberko had collected my mobile phone and insisted on deleting his number. The MP then collected the phone and handed it over to me, and asked me to leave the place, but because of how he was arguing with Oberko, I declined his order.

‘In the course of arguing, the MP pushed Oberko, and his head hit the wall, and in the process, rendered him unconscious,’ she narrated.

According to Akyewa, the MP, after committing the crime, jumped into his car and drove off. She said it was Oberko’s brothers who came to the scene and took him to the hospital. She told The Chronicle that while on their way to the hospital, one of Oberko’s brothers went to the police station to lodge a complaint, ‘but was told to invite me to write a statement, since I was the one who witnessed the incident.’

Oberko’s narration
The 23 year-old David Oberko had earlier told The Chronicle how he suffered at the hands of the Afram Plains South legislator, who is currently on the wanted list of the police.

Narrating his ordeal, Oberko said at about 7:00 p.m. on June 4, 2013, his girl-lover called to inform him that she would be coming to his house after closing from prep. He said a little after answering Akyewa’s call, one of his friends invited him to a local eatery, and whilst looking for something to eat, the junior sister of his girl lover approached him and told him that her sister was waiting for him at his residence.

‘I left the eatery to my residence, but met Akyewa’s absence. So, I went out to look for her, only to spot her chatting with another man in a dark corner. I tried calling her on her cell phone, but she did not answer.

‘So from where I was, I called her name in a loud voice, and she responded, but the man she was chatting with demanded to know who I was,’ noted an emotional Oberko.

He added: ‘I switched on the light on my mobile phone device and flashed it on my face just to make him see my face. I then left the scene, only to be followed by Akyewa.’

According to him, after ten minutes, while in the house arguing with Akyewa to delete his number from her mobile phone, the MP came in with a white pick-up and interrupted their conversation.

‘While struggling with Akyewa to delete my number from her phone, the man rushed at me and started fighting me to release the phone, but I resisted.

‘Due to my resistance, the man slapped me and hit my head against the wall. I did not see anything again, only to find myself on a hospital bed,’ he narrated.

He said after gaining consciousness, he got to know that Akyewa had reported the case to the police and, therefore, followed up and picked a police medical form. Oberko has since the incident been discharged from the Presbyterian Hospital at Donkorkrom.

He told The Chronicle that GH¢1,500 in his room got stolen, in addition to his salary, which he had taken the previous day.


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