hon-doe-adjaho-is-the-new-speaker-of-parliament-after-taking-his-oaths-of-allegian-and-office-he-declared-the-akatsi-south-constituency seat he was  occupying-vacant.

Hon. Edward Doe Adjaho is the new Speaker of Parliament. After taking Oaths of Allegiance and Office, he declared the Akatsi South Constituency seat he was occupying vacant.

It was a night to remember – a night full of remarkable and thought provoking speeches by the leaders of the Sixth Parliament. It was a night of merry making and a night to make new friends.It was again, a night for the I shall be backs and a night where existing friendship was rekindled.

It was a night to display the rich culture of the country and a night where partisanship was relegated to the ground and partnership was the order of the day.

But above all, it was a night where the country came united and the interest of the nation remained supreme.

Perhaps, that was the beginning of the manifestation of the president’s call for partnership and not partisanship in his State of the Nation Address delivered in the House last Friday.

The Chamber was full to capacity as expected likewise the public and press galleries. There had not been significant change in the Chamber excerpt the changing of the old bigger chairs to new moderate sofa chairs to accommodate the 275 Members of Parliament elect.

The Chamber was well decorated with the colours of the national flag. At twelve midnight, the fifth Parliament was ascribed in the status books of the country was dissolved, paving way for the usher in of Members of Parliament elect for the Sixth Parliament.

Since there was no substantive Speaker to preside over the event, the Clerk to House, Mr. Emmanuel Anyimadu took charge as Chairman of the event under Article 124 of the Constitution and pursuant to Order 83 of the Standing Orders of the House at exactly 12: 25 GMT.

He announced proceedings of the House and read a writ of election for all the 275 Parliamentary Constituencies issued by the Electoral Commission before tabling it.

He also informed members about  the MP for Buem, Mr. Henry Ford Kamel’s death which sad event occurred on December 25, 2012 and noted that such information had been passed on to the Electoral Commission as demanded by law.

Before proceeding to the election of the Speaker, Mr. Anyimadu cautioned the Members elect under Order 112 of the Standing Orders of the House which states that any person who sits or votes in the House knowing or having reasonable doubts for that he is not entitled to do so commits an offense and shall be liable to conviction for six penalty units as required by law.

Moments after the caution, Mr. Anyimadu called for proposals for the number three position of the land.

Article 95 (1) States that” there shall be a Speaker of Parliament who shall be elected by the Members of Parliament from among persons who are Members of Parliament or who are qualified to be elected as Members of Parliament”.


Before receiving the name(s) proposed for the Speaker position, Mr. Anyimadu referred Members to Standing Order 84 which states that “No person shall be proposed as Speaker unless the person has given his consent to be nominated.”

He also reminded members of Order 85 of the Standing Order of the House which states that a member addressing himself to the Clerk shall propose such person to the House as its Speaker and shall move that such person do take the Chair of this House as Speaker which motion must be seconded without debate.

Adjaho proposed for Speaker

Moments after his Standing Orders rhetoric, the new Majority Leader, Benjamin Kumbour stood up and proposed the Akatsi South MP, Edward Doe Adjaho as the Speaker of the House.

“Pursuant to Order 85 of the Standing Orders of the House, I propose Hon. Doe Adjaho as Speaker and I move that he takes the Chair as Speaker of the House of the Sixth Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana. I beg to move. Mr. Chairman, I do have the consent of Hon. Doe Adjaho for his proposal.”

His nomination was immediately seconded by the Minority Leader, Osei-KyeiMensah-Bonso.

The Chairman then called for further nomination of which no name was proposed.

He then said, “Members of Parliament elect, there be no other nominations, I hereby declare Mr. Edward Doe Adjahoduely elected to take the Chair of this House as the Speaker in accordance with Order 86 which provides that if the person only is proposed, he shall be declared elected or conducted to the chair without any question.”

Mr. Anyimadu therefore, ordered for the Speaker-elect to be conducted into the Chamber.

Moments after entering the Chamber, the Clerk to Parliament quarried “Mr. Edward Doe Adjaho, you have been duely elected to the High office of the Speaker of the House, do you submit to the will of the House?”

Mr. Adjaho in a swift response and in a vivacious voice said “I do.”

The journey of history has just begun and Mr. Adjaho was then sworn into office after taking the Oath of Allegiance and the Speaker’s Oath which was administered by the Chief Justice of the land, Her Ladyship, Georgina Woods.

After taken his seat, the new king of Parliament looked on his left, turned to his right, and announced his presence with a spirited command “Order, Hon. Members, Order.”

This drew lots of cheers from the members elect and a section of the public who had come to witness the history making process from the public gallery.

Mr. Adjaho’s ascension to the highest throne of Speaker makes him the first sitting MP to be elected to such position of the land since the inception of Parliamentary practice in the country.

True Servant

In his acceptance remark, the new Speaker called for support and cooperation from all members elect irrespective of their political coronation in the discharge of his duties.

He promised to be a true servant of the House in his quest to further deepen the practices of Parliamentary democracy in Ghana and assured to be guided by the tenets of discipline, humility, diligence, maturity and fairness in all his endeavours.

“My determination will be to preside over this House in order to further deepen the practices of Parliamentary democracy in Ghana. To this end, I require your support and cooperation. Thank you very much for the honour and I look forward to be a true servant of this House,” he noted.

Consensus building

Continuing, Rt. Hon. Adjaho who was the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament of the Fifth Parliament urged Members of Parliament to renew their sense of patriotism, nationalism and devotion as “we explore the tenets of consensus building and by-partisanship in carrying out the responsibilities of this House.”

“No side of this House can fully accomplish the task ahead of us without the input of the other side. At all times, let us remember that we are not here on our own and that this House is composed more than one side.

Without our electorates, without our staff, without the Parliamentary Press Corps and the media generally, and without our families, we cannot do this job,” he intoned.

He told the House of his preparedness in looking forward to a great challenge as the first member of the country’s Parliament to become Speaker of the House in recent memory.

Notwithstanding that, Mr. Adjaho promised to draw upon his vast experienced gained over the last twenty years and the great legacies of his immediate past Speakers, Rt. Hon. Justice Joyce Bamford-Addo and Rt. Hon. Ebenezer Sekyi Hughes.

Akatsi South seat vacant

Having assumed the role of Speaker, Mr. Adjaho therefore declared vacant the Akatsi South seat of which was the occupant as Member of Parliament.

“I would like to state that by virtue of Article 97 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, I vacate my seat, Akatsi South,” he asserted.

The two deputy Speakers of the Parliament were also elected by the Honourable Members elect without opposition from any side of the House.

They are Hon. Eba Barton Oduro, First Deputy Speaker and Hon. Joe Ghartey, Second Deputy Speaker.


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