Veep goes bonkers over unappreciative Ghanaians

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Politics
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The Vice President, John Dramani Mahama, has descended heavily on critics of the Mills-led administration for non-performance. According to Mr. Mahama, it was only those who have brains but cannot register what they see, who criticise the government for doing nothing since taking over the administration of the country.

He expressed surprised about critics of the government, and urged them to ‘open their eyes and minds’ to see and register the reality of what the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) was doing to lift the status of the country.

“Over and over again, we’ve gone around the country initiating programs – commissioning projects that are critical to the lives of the people. In social psychology and other studies, there is a phenomenon, where even when your eyes are seeing something, your brain refuses to register it – you won’t see that thing.”

“Even when your eyes are seeing the reality, your brain can’t believe it, and so it refuses to register what you are seeing. Day-in-day-out, we are initiating and graduating youth who have been trained in skills for life.

“We are commissioning projects, clinics, schools under trees, and yet some people refuse to see the reality. So, even though their eyes have seen it, their brains will not register it.”

The Vice President said, “if you can’t see what this government has done, then it means you are looking in the wrong direction. I just want those whose brains are refusing to register what is being done in this country, to open their eyes and open their minds to the reality of what we are doing,” a calm-looking John Mahama counseled critics of the government.

He made this startling announcement when he out-doored locally manufactured DONGFENG vehicles, under the auspices of the Local Enterprises & Skills Development Programme, in Accra on Saturday.

The government, led by President John Evans Atta Mills, has incessantly come under severe criticism for doing too little to address the needs of the people, since taking over from the previous administration under Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor.

Mr. Mills’ critics, especially, the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), have nicknamed him “Professor do little”, since to them, the Associate Law Professor had done nothing to improve on what his predecessor left behind, thereby afflicting the wounds of Ghanaians the more.

To the NPP, all the social intervention programmes like the National Health Insurance Scheme, the School Feeding Programme, and National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) among many others that they left behind, have been run down.

However, President Mills’ government prides itself in contributions in the education sector, especially in the rural communities, by constructing new classroom blocks to replace schools under trees, achieving and maintaining a single-digit inflation, provision of boreholes for deprived communities, increasing Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), building new health facilities, and rehabilitating existing ones in bad states, among many others.

Commenting further, the Vice President debunked some claims put forward by critics of the government, especially, the opposition NPP.

According to him, the NYEP, together with other social intervention programmes, have been strengthened to help thousands of Ghanaians, who were finding it difficult to make a living.

“When we took over the NYEP, it was a programme that had been based on providing temporary employment to thousands of young people. On our principle, we felt that the new employment programmes must not just be artificial job creation programmes.”

“It should be programmes in which the youth are provided with employable skills, so that when they graduate, they are able to set themselves up in business. So, our objective has been the training of the youth in employable skills for them to establish their own enterprises after completing these programmes,” he intoned.

Mr. Mahama mentioned, in particular, the Local Enterprises & Skills Development Programme (LESDEP), Youth Enterprises and Skills Development Centre (YESDEC), and the Council for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (COTVET), as programmes being run by the government, in collaboration with the private sector, to train the youth to acquire employable skills, and provide them with set-up equipment to start their own small enterprises.

“Unlike in the past, where you are just given the instruments and walk away, today, you are given training on how to manage a small enterprise,” he asserted.


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