The clergy have spoken. Homo sexuality, they pontificate, is ungodly. After taking a critical view of the activities of gay and lesbians in the society, the clergy says it “cannot afford to destroy the future of this country in the name of human rights,” and described homosexuality as “unnatural and ungodly” act.Wading into the controversy on same sex relationship in the country from the biblical perspective at a press conference in Accra yesterday, the Christian Council of Ghana said the practice of homosexuality should not be entertained in the Ghanaian society.

“It is an abomination in the eyes of God and also contributes to the growing rate of sexually transmitted diseases,” the leaders of the Christian community explained.

“Currently in Ghana, our health system is already distressed and has not been able to meet the entire medical requirement on sexual productivity in the country.

The relationship between Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) and HIV has been established as the major cause of infections.

“Homosexuality comes with a lot of health implications as far as infections are concerned. Therefore, any action or inaction that would put further stress on our health system is putting the country in serious jeopardy. We believe the health implications for our country would be disastrous,” explained the President of the Christian Council, Mr. Fred Degbey, in a perky voice.

He expressed dismay about the claims by homosexuals that there is nowhere in the Scripture that condemn their act.

“Gay and lesbian theology seeks to redefine homosexuality as God-ordained and thus morally permissible. In certain Christian groups, even the highest leadership offices are open to homosexuals. What example do these groups offer to their followers and the watching world?” Rev. Dogbe wondered.

“We of the Christian Community in Ghana deem it unacceptable that people are frowned upon and described as ignorant, unreasonable, un-academic and unenlightened, because they insist on proven standards of decency,” he stated quoting Leviticus 18:22 which states thus:“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination” to buttress his argument.

Mr. Degbey said notable among the people who practice homosexuality are bi-sexual, just as in the western world. “Such a phenomenon increases the risk of infections to innocent partners who do not know that their partners are into such practices, which makes it also criminal.” According to the Head of the Christian Council, the issue of homosexuality is having a rippling effect on the youth of the country, since most of them were wooed into such practice by foreigners who have the economic power to pursue their diabolic plans.

“This poses a psyco-social problem to our youth and the country as a whole, especially when we have inadequate systems to deal with such cases. We cannot afford to destroy the future of this country in the name of human rights,” he said, supporting his claim by quoting Article 28 (1) (d) of the Constitution which enjoins children and young persons to receive special protection against exposure to physical and moral hazards.”

Rev. Degbey, who was flanked by other executives of the Christian Council, averred that the Christian community believes that: “the principle of moral conduct must not be changed with time, simply in the name of tolerance, human rights and in the name of so-called civilization.”

He called on the general public not to give voice to the practice of homosexuality in the country, noting that any attempt to give room to same sex relationship will incur the wrath of God.

“As the prophetic voice of the country, we wish to state that this detestable and abominable act, if passed into law in Ghana, will bring the wrath of God upon the nation and the consequences will be unbearable,” he noted.

He called on the Executive and Legislative arm of government, the Christian Community, the Muslim Community, Traditional rulers, the Judiciary as well as social activists to resist the temptation of passing a law in favour of homosexuality.

He encouraged the Christian Community to step up its efforts to make available their counseling services and clinics to people who may find themselves practicing homosexuality in the country.

Rev.  Degbey further encouraged the Christian Community to intensify their teaching and guidance on sexuality and reproductive health, especially to the youth to refrain from homosexual acts.

In addition to his call, he challenged Christians to vote against politicians who promote and support homosexuality.


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