Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has till date refused to congratulate President Mills for winning the mandate to lead the National Democratic Congress for the fourth time.

Contrary to expectations that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings would use the opportunity presented by the press conference called in Accra yesterday by her campaign team to throw light on what she intends to do after her humiliating defeat at the hands of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) congress in Sunyani, the former first lady failed to utter a word. Instead, the President of the 31st December Women’s Movement, a renowned dancer,  put on her dancing shoes and wriggled her body to the rhythm provided by veteran Jessie Jones’ hit tune “Adapatwa Paa Nie…Ma Yeyie Paa Nie.”Many at the press conference were of the view that her joyous mood was going to reflect in a reconciliatory gesture to the winner of the NDC primary, who she left in the cold following the sitting President’s landslide victory.

Rather, the campaign team went ahead to catalogue what they said were a number of anomalies that have left the fate of the party hanging, despite the euphoria with which delegates in Sunyani welcomed Prof. Atta Mills’ victory.
“The fate of our party is now hanging, as far as the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections are concerned,” a concerned party member said.

Mrs. Rawlings appeared, dressed in white apparel, with white headgear and beaming with smiles. The former first lady wriggled her way to the high table, attended to by a courtier of attendants, followers and sympathizers, who thronged the Ridge offices of the 31st December Women’s Movement, venue of the post-congress press conference.

In the entourage were her Campaign Coordinators, Nambour Berrick, Michael Teye Nyaunu, Dr. Josiah Aryeh and Madam Sylvia Ahorlu.
Many had thought that her joyous mood was going to reflect in the statement by her campaign team, to open her arms and welcome unity talks in the NDC.

However, the campaign team defied all odds and went ahead to outline the circumstances that led to her humiliating defeat by President Mills. Her unyielding stance towards a united NDC puts the party in a tight corner for the 2012 general elections, one observer said.

Pieces of information The Chronicle gathered from sympathisers and followers of the former first lady, suggest that the issue of unity talks between the Rawlingses and the NDC may be a fantasy, since the former first couple do not appear to be in the mood for any unity talks.

At Sunyani, Mrs. Rawlings’ looks did not concede defeat. She failed to wait on President Mills’ victory speech, and did not congratulate her competitor.

At the post-congress press conference in Accra, the Coordinator of the Nana Konadu campaign team, Nambour Berrick said the former first lady embarked on a journey to compete against the incumbent as a means of protesting against the denigration of the core principles of the NDC, and to restore power to the marginalised grassroots.

She was also poised to bring inspirational leadership to the country, but her vision was prevented from materializing by the NDC, according to the Campaign Co-Ordinator.

“Like truth standing all by herself, she stepped out in courage. She challenged the leadership of the party and spoke out for the voiceless within our party. She spoke out against disunity. She agitated for the inclusion and restoration of the party’s principles, seeking to restore strong decisive leadership to the centre of NDC governance, and to the country at large,” Berrick said.

“She knew the journey was not going to be easy. First, came the slanderous statements, the impugning of her motives and integrity, the disrespect and sometimes outright contempt for her person and family.

But, like a true patriot and person of conviction, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings stood on principle and spoke her mind with boldness, damning the threatened consequences of ostracism and victimisation.” Mr. Berrick accused the NDC of distorting the electoral process to the disadvantage of Nana Konadu. “These threats of victimisation and ostracism were real and present, and were strongly reflected and culminated during the electoral process.

“The NDC Electoral Committee was composed to achieve a lopsided view point. The whole process was orchestrated and skewed in a way that prevented the contest from being free and fair,” he said.

According to him, the attempted introduction of regional voting was intended to identify the voting pattern of the delegates, a situation he said, was obviously designed to victimise non-conformers.

He said there was a deliberate attempt by the NDC Electoral Committee to exclude the Electoral Commission from conducting the elections. “It was only after the threat of legal action from our legal team that the party brought them on board.”

With the above-mentioned factors, Mr. Berrick said Nana Konadu was long defeated even before the elections. “The integrity of the process leading to congress, had long been compromised, at least psychologically. The input and process having been tainted, the outcome is logically bound to be tainted,” he said, adding, “Throughout the process, it was clear that delegates were being coerced by inducements, the misuse of the fear factor, and threats to vote in a particular direction.”

Mr. Berrick said after the Sunyani Congress, his outfit had received “direct reports” from over 200 delegates alleging that they were not granted accreditation to enter the congress grounds, and thus, not allowed to exercise their franchise to vote.

He also complained bitterly about the huge presence of security personnel at the inner and outer perimeters of the congress grounds, and the Sunyani Metropolis at large.

“Since the inception of the NDC, our party has recognised that our strength is our people. Yet, our party faithful were denied entry into the congress grounds. What image do we project to the nation and to the world, when we lock the strength of our party outside, and why should we do this?” he quizzed.

He thanked the media for giving Nana Konadu coverage in her failed attempt to unseat President Mills.

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