Bissiw guns for Bagbin’s post

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Politics

Credible information reaching The Chronicle indicates that there is growing tension between the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Mr. Alban Sumana Bagbin, and his deputy, Dr. Hannah Bissiw. The conflict between the two personalities, according to deep throat sources, if not resolved, could affect the operations of the Ministry.

Dr. Bissiw is allegedly eyeing the office, and as result is doing everything within her might to achieve that goal.

She is also reported to have defied Bagbin’s directives, insinuating that her boss was in the process of being removed by the President in the next ministerial reshuffle.

“She does not take directives from Bagbin. She recently boycotted a conference assigned her by Bagbin.

That conference was scheduled to take place in Ethiopia. My brother, I am telling you, she can’t deny what I’m saying when you confront her, because it is a fact,” a very reliable source at the Ministry, who pleaded anonymity, told The Chronicle.

According to the source, Dr. Bissiw has been going to the Castle, the seat of government, to ensure Bagbin’s exit, but to no avail. “All her actions suggest to the fact that she wants Bagbin’s exit and office,” noted the source, in a jerky voice.

When Mr. Bagbin was contacted on his cell phone, he would neither deny nor confirm the allegations leveled against his deputy. He declined to pass any comment on the subject when pushed further.

Conversely, Dr. Bissiw, when contacted on her cell phone, declined interest in discussing the matter. “My brother, don’t let people drag you into unnecessary issues. I don’t think what you are talking about is news worthy.

Don’t let people ridicule your paper for that publication, because Bagbin and I have been getting on well with each other, and there is no cold relation between us. So please, I am not going to discuss that. But, if you have any other issue relating to the Ministry, my doors are always open for you,” she told The Chronicle in a very malleable voice.

In spite of the Deputy Minister’s denial, high ranking Ministry officials are bracing themselves up for the reshuffle, which is very likely to move the former National democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary leader away from the Ministry.

About a year ago, Dr. Bissiw subjected the then Minister, Albert Abongo, to embarrassment by sending carpenters to change the keys to his office when he was away.

This was when he (Abongo) was officially supposed to have handed over the keys to his office to Bagbin, after being shown the exit by the President in a ministerial reshuffle.


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