Atta Akyea must be prosecuted

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Crime
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The sweet relationship that existed between J. Adom Limited, a construction firm, and its former Counsel, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Akim Abuakwa South, Mr. Atta Akyea, is waning, following the latter’s alleged crime of embezzling GH¢231,080 (¢2.3bn) belonging to his client.Despite Atta Akyea’s frantic efforts to refund the said amount, the company says he must face the law for committing a crime.

The suspect has paid GH¢100,000 (¢1bn), out of the GH¢231,080 he reportedly owed his former employers to the Ghana Police when the case was lodged at the Commercial Crime Unit some three months ago.

But, Atta Akyea, when contacted, said he was unfazed by the action of the Chief Executive Officer of J. Adom Limited, Mr. Joseph Adom, since his hands are clean of committing any crime.

According to him, the impasse between him and his former client was a civil case, and that he would be exonerated, since the company also owed him.

He believes that when the two parties sit down to set off their claims, Ghanaians would get to know who was telling the truth.

The Managing Director of J. Adom Limited, Mr. Kwabena Arhin, accused the Akim Abuakwa South MP, sole signatory of the said client account, of failing to notify the directors of the company about monies paid into the said account, but went ahead to spend them.

“Atta Akyea doesn’t owe the company in the way he wants to put it. He has indeed, stolen the company’s money. Two cases went to court, and he was our lawyer. And payments were to be made. Therefore, payments were made into the client account, which the lawyer is the sole signatory. In one of the cases, payment was made as far back in 2007. He failed to disclose to his client that indeed, he has received the money. Then in the other case, thus, Sintim Aboagye, payments were made between February 2008 and January 2009. Again, he failed to disclose the payments. So he should give us a break,” Mr. Arhin burst out.

Mr. Arhin said his outfit had never withdrawn any money from the client account during its six year sweet relationship with Atta Akyea, based on the trust the directors had in him, until they realised that something was wrong somewhere.

According to him, it was after the company decided to engage the services of another lawyer that they had the shocking revelation of their lives.

“It was based on our own investigations, which revealed that monies had been paid to Mr. Atta Akyea long ago. Therefore, we decided to play it safe by engaging the services of new lawyers to delve into the matter properly. As a matter of fact, we instructed them to find out from those companies that we’ve won cases against. They furnished us with documentary proof that indeed, those judgment debts have been paid, and it was there that we realised that we have not been treated fairly at all by Mr. Atta Akyea,” he noted.

He said the management of the company found Atta Akyea’s conduct as having committed crime, hence, their complaint to the Commercial Crime Unit of the Ghana Police Service in May this year.

He wondered why the police had till date not prosecuted Mr. Atta for his alleged crime, after having been provided the needed documentary proof concerning the case.
Mr. Arhin also noted that the so-called legal fees his outfit owed Atta Akyea were nowhere near the amount he had embezzled, and therefore wonder why he should tell The Chronicle reporters that he was waiting for the two parties to reconcile their accounts.

However, in a swift rebuttal, Mr. Atta Akyea denied any wrongdoing, and noted that his hands were clean.

According to him, during the past six years of his engagement by the company, all efforts to retrieve monies for his services rendered proved futile, as “Mr. Adom keeps telling me that there is a bigger case coming, so don’t worry.”

He said the company owed him a whopping amount of GH¢85,692.88 (¢856,928,835.50), exclusive of value added tax (VAT) for all his services.

He observed that he had earlier called Mr. Adom to sit down with him to set off their claims, but to no avail.

“I told him that the account should be settled, so that I will take my money, and he will take his. They call it set-off. That is you have money with me, and you need to pay me. Meanwhile, I also have money with you, and I need to pay you. This is the whole problem my brother. Is Mr. Adom’s money more important than my money?” he asked.

“This is what I called for, so that at the end of the day, if he is the one to balance, he will pay me, and if I am the one to balance him. And, if there is no balance, then I don’t have to pay him because I have over-worked,” he added.

The Akim Abuakwa South MP further observed that the action of the company, in reporting him to the police, was a calculated attempt to tarnish his image, since he had not committed any crime.

“He is pushing the police to prosecute, but the police are saying that they can’t prosecute, because the matter is a civil one,” he noted.


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