CHRAJ suspends hearing on Muntaka’s case

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Crime
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The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has indefinitely suspended investigations into allegations of abuse of office, and conflict of interest made against the Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawase and former Minister of Youth and Sports, Alhaji Mohammad Muntaka.The decision follows a letter dated May 31, 2010, addressed to CHRAJ, and signed by Richard Kwesi Nyamah, Spokesperson for the Progressive National Forum (PNF), complainants in the case, seeking that CHRAJ stays proceedings on the complaints made against the former Youth and Sports Minister.

According to the PNF, their request for CHRAJ to stay proceedings into the matter, was in view of the fact that their principal witnesses, Mr. Albert Ampong and Mr. Adim Odoom, had indicated their inability to appear before it, since they had filed a case before the Human Rights Court, seeking a judicial review against their interdiction by the Civil Service Council, on issues pertaining to complainants made before the commission.

The PNF further pointed out that two prime witnesses had been advised by their counsel not to appear before CHRAJ, until a suit they filed at the Human Rights Court is heard.

“Due to our inability to persuade the two persons to appear before the Hon. Commission, as witnesses on 7th June, 2010 and thereafter, we would be happy if the Commission stay proceedings on our complaint, until Mr. Ampong and Odoom have dealt with their court action, and avail themselves to this Hon. Commission for hearing to proceed,” the PNF asserted in its letter to CHRAJ.

Witnesses in the said case are seeking, among other things, redress at the High Court against the Attorney-General for unfair treatment meted out to them by the Civil Service Council, for their conduct in the case against the former Minister of Youth and Sports, Alhaji Muntaka.

The two are requesting for a declaration from the court that the decisions of the Civil Service Council, dated 31st March 2010, interdicting and punishing them with payment of half of their salaries, and the imposition of a travel ban, were unlawful.
Additionally, the two are seeking an order of certiorari to compel the decisions of the Civil Service Council complained of, be quashed, as being in violation of due process, and the relevant laws of the Civil Service in the Republic of Ghana.

The applicants are also requesting for an order of prohibition, directed at the Civil Service Council, forbidding it from instituting disciplinary measures against them, on the strength of the letters of interdiction dated 31st March, 2010, served on them.

The two are, again, demanding that an order of mandamus, compelling the Civil Service Council to allow the them to resume normal duties, as Principal Accountant and Chief Director of the Office of the Head of Civil Service.

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