After exit of Carl Wilson, NDC car selling syndicate busted

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Crime, Politics
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The exit of Carl Wilson as the chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee is now history, but events are still unfolding at the corridors of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) as two of its stalwarts have been cited for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities.

Chronicle’s investigations into the matter has revealed that one Alhaji Mohammad Kabila, who once contested for the position of National Deputy Propaganda Secretary but lost, and one Alhaji Mohammed, are said to be using the party’s (NDC) name and that of the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Alex Segbefia to dupe unsuspecting victims under the pretext of helping them acquire some of the confiscated vehicles at Tema Port, as well as helping them get enlisted into the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) and other state security institutions.

An accomplice, one Amidu Garasa, not well known within the circles of the NDC, is being reportedly used as an agent by the two to collect monies from their victims on their behalf.

“It’s a syndicate they have formed to outwit innocent people like me. But I know one day, their cup will be full and the law of the land will not spare them,” noted Wahab Yusif, a self employed artisan at Bunso Junction, who has fallen pray to the fraudulent activities of the aforementioned names.

Entry in CEPS

He told The Chronicle how he was swindled by the group to pay GH¢ 800.00 as part payment of GH¢1,500.00 to assist him get entry into Customs, Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS). According to Wahab, the group, somewhere in September last year (2009) through Amidu approached him and informed him of an offer from the seat of government, Castle, to NDC youth interested to be enlisted into CEPS and other state security agencies.

He told The Chronicle that he initially declined to avail himself for the offer, since there was an impending contract between the Government of Ghana (GoG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that restricts the former from employing people into the public service for three years, but upon persistent assurance by Amidu and his lieutenants, he gave in and decided to give it a trial.

He said, after having shown interest in the offer, he was then told to pay GH¢3,000.00 to facilitate the deal at the Castle since some top men in government were behind the deal and needed to be paid as such, but upon persistent plea the amount was reduced to GH¢ 1,500.00 of which a deposit of GH¢ 500.00 was paid.

“Alhaji Mohammed told me that recruitment exercise into CEPS was ongoing and the offer was from the office of the Chief of Staff who has been instructed by former President Rawlings to accept two hundred (200) personnel. But one person is to pay GH¢ 3,000.00,” he noted.

He further told The Chronicle that an additional amount of GH¢ 300.00 was paid to the group in November last year after having submitted his educational qualification to them and was assured of entry into the CEPS the following month, December 2009.

According to Wahab, the December deadline has elapsed and till date, nothing has been heard from the group, in spite of their numerous assurances. He noted that several attempts to get in touch with the group has proved futile.

Auction Cars

Alhassan Farouk, also a victim of the syndicate’s venom, narrated a similar scenario similar to Wahab’s story and how he was swindled by the group of GH¢ 2,100.00 being processing fee for two auction cars.

According to Farouk, eight months down the line, nothing fruitful has come out of the deal that he entered into, but kept on receiving assurance from the group, led by Alhaji Mohammed Kabila, that the delay was due to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Alex Segbefia, who has not initialed his signature on the documents that will authorize the release of the vehicles.

Woes of a travel tour operator

Surprisingly, a travel operator, Alhaji Issaka, who once assisted Alhaji Mohammed to secure traveling documents to embark on Hajj pilgrimage, also fell prey to the syndicates.

He told The Chronicle in an interview how he has been robbed of his hard earned money to the tune of GH¢ 5,000.00 by the group, under the pretext of allocating three (3) of the auction vehicles to him.

According to him, the amount was paid as a commitment fee somewhere in December 2009, but till date, not even a single vehicle has been allocated to him. “From the look of things, they are now playing games with me after collecting that huge amount of money from me.

They told me to go to Sunyani to a pick a car of my choice, and gave me a number to call when I get there, but my brother -that was a hoax. When I contacted the person, he told me he stays in Accra but not Sunyani. None of the telephone numbers they gave me was correct. Whenever I call any of them, it is either switched off or out of coverage area,” he noted.

He stated that he was initially taken to the Golden Jubilee yard and the sales bond at Tema Port where he was made to select three cars of his choice, upon which notice of approval would be communicated to him at a later date to pick them. He said all efforts to allocate him with those vehicles have proved futile, hence the directive by Alhaji Mohammed to inspect some vehicles at Sunyani.

“They took me to Tema port to inspect some vehicles but till date not even a single vehicle has been allocated to me. They can’t go scot free like that with my money on them. I have all the documents they provided to me and will let the police pursue them,” Alhaji Issaka fumed.


But The Chronicle’s checks at the office of Mr. Segbefia have revealed that the two are on the wanted list of imposters using the name of the party to engage in fraudulent activities. An insider told the paper that the group has now ceased to visit the Castle because of their alleged fraudulent activities which have been exposed. They are believed to be going round as National Security operatives to dupe their victims.

Meanwhile, when The Chronicle contacted Alhaji Mohammed Kabila, he denied ever receiving money from Alhassan Farouk and Wahab Yusif, but was quick to add that Amidu Garasa had been using his name and that of Alhaji Mohammed to defraud some unsuspecting Ghanaians to the tune of $4,000.00 and was currently being pursued by the Nima and Airport police respectively.

“You can cross check from both Wahab and Farouk if indeed they have given me money. Do they have witness to proof their claim? Can they swear by the Holy Quran that I have taken monies from them?” Alhaji Kabila quizzed via a telephone interview with The Chronicle.

Surprisingly, crosschecks from the Nima Police stations exonerated Amidu Garasa from the allegations leveled against him by Alhaji Mohammed Kabila.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Aduhene Benieh told The Chronicle that he was not aware of any report against Aminu Garasa. According to him, his outfit does not even have a wanted list of criminals but was now preparing to initiate one.

Interestingly, Aminu, when contacted on his cell phone expressed shock about the pronouncement of Mr. Kabila declaring him wanted by the Nima and Airport police stations respectively. He denied ever being pursued by the Police but was quick to add how some of their transactions landed him into trouble, thereby denying him the opportunity to embark on his Hajj pilgrimage.

According to him, it was through his close relationship with Alhassan Farouk that his other accomplices got to know him (Alhassan Farouk). He said he personally hand delivered all the money he collected from his pal, Farouk, to the other members of the group (Kabila and Mohammed), who in turn called to confirm receiving the money from him.

“My brother, Alhaji Kabila is a big liar. We all work together and I am the one he has been sending. I handed over to him GH¢ 300.00 from the money I took from Farouk whilst the remaining amount was given to Alhaji Mohammed, who in turn gave it to him. I am therefore surprised that he ,Alhaji Kabila, is denying ever receiving money from Farouk,” he argued.

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