Ghana: Prez Mills challenges youth to attain higher education

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Education
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President John Evans Atta Mills on Saturday dedicated this year’s Independence Day celebrations to the youth with a call on them to  strive to attain higher education in order to secure their future.

“The future of our nation belongs to you young men and women and education is the key that will open the doors of the future. In whatever profession you find yourself, education is the key that will unlock your potential and equip you with the capacity to take control of your destiny. That is why it is important that you work hard and set educational goals for yourselves,” noted President Mills to the applause of thousands of people who gathered at the Independence Square in Accra over the weekend to celebrate the country’s 53rd Independence anniversary.

Knowing the difficulties in attaining higher education, President Mills cautioned the youth not to quit in their quest to attaining higher education and also not to resort to shortcuts in life but rather work hard towards achieving their set targets since “hard work pays.”

“There will be hurdles you will have to jump over, there will be challenges that you must confront, there will be even difficult times, but remember not to quit. Winners are not quitters and quitters have never been winners. In life the race is not necessary for the swiftest but certainly for the sturdiest,” he averred whilst urging them to “uphold virtue, morality and honesty and you will become great men and women of your time.”

Inspired by his party’s (NDC) vision of “investing in the youth for a better Ghana”, President Mills dedicated this year’s Independence Day celebrations to the youth and urged them to take advantage of all the necessary opportunities available to them and make the best out of it.

According to him, teachers, parents and government have a responsibility of creating a conducive atmosphere and providing the necessary support in their chosen career but it behooves on them (youth) to make the best out of it in order to become productive citizens of the nation adding “at the end of the day, if you have the best teachers, have the most supportive parents, have a government that invests heavily in education and you do not take advantage of the opportunities available to you, you will fail to benefit from the talents and potential God has given you,” he emphasized.

Trilled by the display of the youthful mass brass band, President Mills was more than convinced that there is hope for the future and however pledged that his government will not “renege to give depth, verve, and modern day meaning to our educational system which will create the opportunities for you take advantage of.”

That notwithstanding, President Mills intends to continue inviting well behaved students to the Castle during his administration to indicate that “discipline is at the root of a successful society.”

He told the gathering to let their love for the nation take precedence and overrule all other interest and also to continue their pledge to uphold and defend the good name of the country.

President Mills used the occasion to pay glowing tribute the country’s Founding Father, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and others who joined in the struggled in attaining independence for the country.

“Many were those who shed their blood for our independence and we salute their memory for their selfless dedication to giving life to Ghana,” he noted.

A twenty-one (21) gun salute accompanied by a flight over by the Ghana Armed Forces was used to grace occasion.


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